The Arts: The Global Dimension

This guidance book explores how the global dimension can enrich teaching and learning in art and design, dance, drama and music. It is aimed at arts coordinators, teachers, advisers, trainers and facilitators of curriculum development.

Radio for Change

This CD-ROM is the result of a project where groups made radio programmes about local and global issues. The material is organised into the eight key global dimension principles. Each section provides the radio programme, suggests classroom activitie

Peace One Day Citizenship Resource

This free resource aims to advance active citizenship in the areas of conflict resolution, global citizenship, human rights and the link between sustainability and peace, using Peace Day (21 September) as a focus.

Breaking the Silence

This extensive website looks at slavery and the slave trade from a number of different perspectives: historical, social, political and economic. The website focuses on a number of topics, including: Africa before slavery, participation and poverty, life on the plantations, resistance, rebellion, abolition, and modern slavery. There is lots of source material, such as maps, […]

Black Presence

This micro-site within the National Archives website focuses on Asian and Black history in Britain from 1500 to 1850. The site includes essays, photographs, illustrations and lots of documentary material. There are also two virtual tours, which are

1001 Inventions

This website was developed to accompany the ‘1001 Inventions: Discover the Muslim Heritage in our World’ exhibition. It shows many of the scientific and medical discoveries and inventions that have come from the Muslim world, and have formed many

Get Global!

Get Global! is a teacher’s guide to facilitating and assessing active global citizenship in the classroom. It is divided into three sections – steps activities, assessment and evaluation activities and games – that are given equal importance.

Escape to Safety interactive exhibition

Escape to Safety exhibition

This interactive exhibition gives pupils a chance to experience life as an asylum seeker. The exhibition is in a large box trailer, where pupils take part in a role play, and hear refugee stories from Rwanda, Afghanistan and Palestine.

Fairtrade Action Guide

This booklet from People & Planet gives advice to secondary schools, sixth forms and universities wanting to set up a fairtrade campaign. It includes ideas for involving the whole school and wider community, and gaining fairtrade school status