A Global Dimension to Science Education in Schools

This is a free online course from the Open University. It focuses on the importance of including a global dimension to science lessons. It addresses questions such as: “What contributions to science have been made by those outside the ‘Western world’

AIDS and HIV facts from AVERT.org

This site calls itself “the world’s most popular AIDS website”. It has detailed country information about AIDS and HIV around the world. It includes advice and background information for teachers on addressing the issues of HIV/AIDS in the classroom

I Respect

This website contains teaching materials with specific links to the Citizenship, History, English, RE and PSHE curricula, but many of the lesson plans and activities have been written with cross-curricular thinking skills in mind.

CAABU lesson plans

CAABU is the Council for Arab-British Understanding. The lesson plans on their website are in two sections: Arabs, Islam and stereotypes; Palestine and Israel. The lessons promote an understanding of Arab and Middle Eastern people and culture, and

Diversity for Students with Severe Learning Difficulties

This course on diversity is designed for use with special needs students, particularly those with severe learning difficulties and profound and multiple learning difficulties. Activities are accessible for students with some, little, or no written or

T.E.A.C.H. – Teaching Emotive and Controversial History

This report, produced by the Historical Association, presents examples of effective teaching on controversial topics in history, in schools across all key stages from the ages of 3 to 19. The report is based on the UK curriculum requirements, which

Farm Animals & Us

The materials in this pack raise awareness of the need for humane and sustainable farming, and explore existing problems with the treatment of farm animals. It contains detailed lesson plans, teacher’s notes, and ideas for classroom discussion.

Food Stories

Where does the food on your plate come from? How old is the recipe? Who invented it? How were the ingredients produced? Where and when were the vegetables picked? Who picked them? These are just some of the question on Food Stories, a colorful websit

UNEP Grid Arendal Maps and Graphics Library

This is the website of an ongoing United Nations Environment Programme project to collect and catalogue maps and graphical images relating to environment and sustainable development. Topics include poverty and the environment, water, climate change,