Bananas and cocoa beans

This cross-curricular teaching book focuses on fair trade. The book includes activities suitable for upper primary teaching, and looks at how we are linked to the rest of the world through our shopping… buying bananas and chocolate, for example.

Growing bananas

A whole class trading game with background information including photos of the banana production process. During the simulation pupils ‘grow’ bananas from scrap paper, think critically about a range of situations facing banana growers, make decisions

Gregory Cool

Gregory Cool tells the story of a city boy who goes on holiday to visit his grandparents living near the sea on the Caribbean island of Tobago. At first Gregory is dismissive of their rural life – the food is strange, the sun too hot, and there are

Show Racism the Red Card

Show Racism the Red Card

This teaching pack includes a 20-minute DVD and teaching book with activities suitable for upper primary or secondary teaching. The film includes interviews with many famous footballers, who talk about the causes and consequences of racism

Family Album

This is a useful teaching pack for using photographs in the classroom. The pack includes 32 colour images depicting life in the UK, showing a variety of ages, and backgrounds.

Jamaica: Out of Many – One People

This teaching pack brings alive life in Jamaica for Primary children. The book includes a variety of activities, from creative writing to becoming a reporter, from studying source material to role play. The book deals sensitively with teaching about

Waking Up

This book introduces the topic of sustainable development through looking at plants in everyday products. It takes every-day items (soap, shampoo, breakfast cereals, etc), looks at the plant products they contain (eg: aloe vera, palm oil, sugar) and considers sustainability issues surrounding them.

Climate Change – local and global

This web-based resource follows on from – and replaces – a now out-of-print publication, ‘Climate Change~ local and global’, and draws upon the ideas of many Tide~ teacher groups working with Key Stages 2 and 3 in the West Midlands. It offers key

Water Issues ~ local & global

This pack looks at the theme of water for upper primary teaching. The pack considers both water use in the UK and globally, and includes 16 photo-cards which illustrate key ideas about water, such as: sanitation, health, supply, the water cycle, recycling, biodiversity, eco systems and leisure.

Global Education website

This website from AusAid (the Australian government’s aid department), provides lots of background information about global issues and suggestions for exploring these in class. It also suggests a variety of teaching activities exploring global