The Librarian of Basra

This true story about an Iraqi woman’s struggle to save her community’s priceless collection of books reminds us all how, throughout the world, the love of literature and respect for knowledge know no boundaries.

Abuela’s Weave

In Guatemala, Abuela teaches her granddaughter Esperanza traditional weaving, but will their colourful clothers be able to compete with manufactured materials for sale at the city market?

Dinosaurs and all that rubbish

Man has filled the planet with rubbish, and woken up the dinosaurs lying asleep under the surface of the Earth. They take over and clean up the mess, making man promise to look after the planet in future.

An angel just like me

It is nearly Christmas, and Tyler’s family are putting up the decorations. But when Tyler picks up the broken Christmas-tree angel, he can’t help asking, “Why are they always pink? Aren’t there any black angels?” It’s a question no one can answer.

The Colour of Home

Everything looks grey and brown to Hassan – he’s in a cold, rainy country and people speak a language he doesn’t understand. At school he paints the sun-splashed colours of his Somalian home, covering it with the harsh reds and blacks of war

Rama and the Demon King

This is the story of the brave and good prince Rama and his battle against Ravana, the evil ten-headed king of all the demons. When Rama is wrongfully banished to the forest, Ravana uses a fiendish trick to kidnap the prince’s beautiful wife, Sita.

Escape to Safety interactive exhibition

Escape to Safety exhibition

This interactive exhibition gives pupils a chance to experience life as an asylum seeker. The exhibition is in a large box trailer, where pupils take part in a role play, and hear refugee stories from Rwanda, Afghanistan and Palestine.

Look Windwards!

This flexible resource was designed by Geography teachers for Geography teachers. It includes lots of source material, including photographs, maps and interviews, and considers what life is like as a banana farmer in the Windward Isles.

All you need for a refugee assembly

This teaching book includes three assembly ideas and three lessons plans which explore the theme of refugees in the UK. The assemblies consider who are refugees, and how they are portrayed in the UK media.

All you need for a fair trade assembly

This book presents three adaptable 15-minute assemblies, each focusing on a different fair trade product (chocolate, bananas and clothes). Each assembly explains the problems faced by producers and the choices we have as consumers, and they all offer opportunities for pupil participation.