Exploring Our Roots

This excellent teaching pack uses interviews and thoughtful, structured activities to explore the experiences of immigrants to Britain from the 1940s to 1975. It concentrates on the lives of Black and Asian people and raises awareness of the history, experience and culture that they bought with them.

The Distance We Have Travelled…

This resource is based on interviews with refugees living in Manchester, about their experiences of flight and starting a new life in Britain.

Water: The Works

This poster from DFID highlights key facts related to water issues across the globe in an interesting graphical format. It includes scaled water-drops that demonstrate the average daily water use per person in different countries, and information on

The Clothes Line

Our cotton T-shirts, dresses and trousers are made from a plant grown in countries many thousands of miles away. This is an online resource from Oxfam which investigates who grows cotton, how it is processed, transported and made into the garments we

Luís and Richard live in Peru

This big book follows the life of two brothers living in Peru. You meet their family, find out about the town they live in (where it never rains), learn about their home, school and church – all illustrated with lovely photos.


Adinkra cloth is hand-printed with symbols representing Ashanti knowledge and history, proverbs, beliefs and values. Using the symbols and other artefacts as a starting point to learn about Ghana’s traditions and contemporary life, this handbook provides an inspiring learning resource which challenges stereotypes

Climate Choices – Children’s Voices

What is climate change? What causes it? What can I do? These are all questions that are explored on this website from Practical Action. The practical classroom activities present the issues in an easy-to-follow format, which will engage pupils in the questions and help them to make informed responses to the issues.

Focus on St Lucia

Focus on St Lucia shows how the island is changing, with a particular emphasis on tourism and the environment, and has photographs that show the island in a modern light.

A Long Way to Cherry Time

Through learning about prisoners of conscience and the ‘disappeared’, students can explore basic human rights, including the right to assembly, the right to a fair trial, and the right to freedom of speech and religious expression.