Our World of Water

Wherever we live in the world – rich or poor – water is vital to our survival. This book follows the daily lives of six children from Peru, Mauritania, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Tajikistan and California and explores what water means to them.

Picture my World

Picture my World is a website for primary children produced by the Catholic aid charity CAFOD. It is packed full of photographs taken by children in the UK, Cambodia and Rwanda and also has lots of fun games and stories and film clips

Get Global!

Get Global! presents a clear rationale for integrating a global dimension in the primary curriculum and uses subject and thematic contexts as doorways through which children can explore global links. The book is for all primary teachers

Planet Sport

This website from the Geographical Association links geographical themes such as regeneration, economic development and tourism with global sporting events.

Who Will Save Us?

Flip and Flap, Waddle, Splash and Littlest are a group of young penguins discovering their wonderful world, only to find it is changing at the hands of the humans. However, there is hope in store. Their teacher, Old Wise, explains that humans are

Who Am I?

This cross-curricular resource includes a DVD of a film made with young people from Sheffield’s Somali community. It sets out to discover how tradition, culture and history impact on who we are and how we see ourselves.

Tree of Life

If every known species on Earth were a leaf on a tree, the tree would have almost 2 million leaves. Humans are just one leaf on this tree of life. This book is a beautifully illustrated introduction to the incredible variety of life on Earth.

Olaudah Equiano in Sheffield

This pack is designed for primary teachers. It illustrates different aspects of history—both local and global—mainly focusing on the 1790s and the life of anti-slavery campaigner Olaudah Equiano, the history of slavery, and its abolition.

We Are Britain!

Written by renowned poet and performer Benjamin Zephaniah, this book describes the lives of 12 children living around the UK, from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. It describes their activities, the kind of food they eat at home, and what