Are we nearly there?

This resource from RISC helps teachers at all levels to identify how far their school has got on the journey towards becoming a ‘global school’ – one where global citizenship is embedded across the curriculum and throughout the school ethos.

Images of India

This CD from the Geographical Association has over 130 photographs from India, each with a caption and location. They are organised into the 11 categories; each category has teacher guidance and an activity idea.

Traidcraft for Schools Website

This website focuses on fair trade, and has a range of free lesson plans, activity ideas and assemblies, as well as Fairtrade Producer stories. Resources are targeted at KS 2 and 3 but could also be used by older students. Lesson plans have been

Take Mali

This comprehensive, colourful pack is a cross-curricular resource designed to support children aged 7-14 with their progression in Intercultural Understanding through French, Geography and Global Citizenship. There are also many links to other curriculum areas such as Art, Design, Dance, Music and Literacy.


Eco-Fish is a fun game for students to play competitively and thereby learn about the global issues surrounding a natural resource. Students are divided into country teams. They ‘go fishing’ and quickly learn that they have to negotiate rules to ensure the fish stocks don’t run out.

Yet We Survive

This book tells the story of the Kalinago people of Dominica in the eastern Caribbean. They are among the last survivors of the indigenous peoples of the region who were there when Christopher Columbus arrived 500 years ago.

Picture the Global Dimension

This is a classroom photo activity based on pictures chosen for the Global Wallplanner 2010-11. It can be adapted to suit all age groups and can relate to a variety of different subject areas – or could be used in tutor time or after-school clubs.

Practical Action image gallery

Practical Action image gallery

Practical Action’s free online image gallery for schools features photos from developing countries on number of topics: renewable energy, water & sanitation, farming, plants, recycling, climate change, transport, costume and technology justice.