Chembakolli: the complete package

Chembakolli - complete package

Discover the famous village of Chembakolli, India with this set of primary resources from ActionAid. Includes resources on Chembakolli schools, housing, transport, games and toys and of course their famous fair trade tea.

A sensory journey through India

Sensory journey through India

Through ActionAid’s multimedia resource for Key Stages 1 and 2 you can experience the sights and sounds of an Indian rush hour and bask in the still, natural serenity of the Indian countryside, all from the comfort of your classroom. Take your pupils on an unforgettable journey with videos, photos and activities designed to showcase the beauty, intensity and sometimes harsh reality of life in India.

Children’s Rights

This series of lessons from the Oxfam Education website help you improve your learners’ English skills while making the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child relevant and interesting.

Plan for Change: Water Toolkit

This toolkit from Plan Canada will help you explore the issues of water and sanitation in many parts of the world where these essential resources are limited.

Plan for Change: Gender Equality Toolkit

Millions of women & girls face obstacles and stereotypes just because they are female, which affects the opportunities they have and the kind of lives they live. This toolkit from Plan Canada will introduce you to the complex topic of gender equality

Plan for Change: Poverty Toolkit

This toolkit from Plan Canada will help you explore the complex issue of poverty in the developing world, where many children and their families face a daily struggle to meet their basic needs.

Plan for Change: Education Toolkit

This toolkit from Plan Canada aims to help you explore the issue of education in parts of the world where many children don’t have the chance to start or finish school.

Oxfam Water Week for Schools resources

Oxfam Water Week for Schools provides opportunities for young people to learn and think critically about water issues, before taking informed and meaningful action.