Make The Link

Make The Link is an online resource developed by the Centre for Science Education of Sheffield Hallam University and Practical Action. It aims to help the next generation make the link between science and global poverty reduction.

Syria: Third Space

Syria: Third Space is an exhibition of new work by Syrian artists. This resource pack provides activities to encourage pupils to look really closely at some of the exhibits, and to provide creative and thought provoking responses to them.

Climate Challenge resources

Oxfam’s Climate Challenge resources focus on the human impact of climate change: how communities around the world are being affected and how people are responding and adapting to these challenges.

Baba Didi and the Godwits Fly

This beautifully illustrated storybook is aimed at children aged 5-9. The godwit is a bird with a long bill that migrates each year from New Zealand/Aotearoa through East Asia and the Pacific to the Alaskan Arctic regions.

Juliana’s Bananas

This story book can help children aged 5 and above explore fair trade through the eyes of children of banana farmers in the Windward Islands in the Caribbean.

Project Earth Rock

Project Earth Rock is described as “a Key Stage 2 multi-media scheme of work for sustainability”. Its authors have developed 12 clever songs and funny animations (many of them using children’s artwork) to help explore environmental issues.

Discovering Galapagos

Galapagos is a group of volcanic islands 1,000km from the Ecuador coast. Its unique wildlife has inspired theories that have changed understanding about life on Earth. This website aims to engage students in the sustainable development of Galapagos

Stigma and migration

Stigma and migration

The collection of activities contained in this resource from the British Red Cross encourages children and young people to think critically about what makes us who we are, reflect on their assumptions about migration, and understand the harmful effects of stigmatising behaviour.

Introducing Emergencies

Introducing Emergencies

This British Red Cross resource has a range of engaging activities and examples from around the world to help primary children understand what an emergency is, why and how to prepare, and how to stay safe.