Drought 360°

Drought 360°

12-year-old Daeka has taken a 360° photo to show the effects of drought in her village in east Africa. To complement the photo, ActionAid has created resources to help pupils understand what drought is and how it affects people, plants and animals.

A Sporting Chance?

A Sporting Chance

This set of resources from Oxfam uses the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games to explore inequality within and between countries.

Refugee Week resources

These British Council resources have been developed in collaboration with First News. They support teaching activities during Refugee Week, an annual event which celebrates the positive contributions that refugees have made to the UK.

Sustainable Development Goals

This resource from the British Council challenges you and your students (perhaps working with partner schools) to discuss the Sustainable Development Goals and think of practical solutions to contribute to a more sustainable world.

Migration and Global Learning

This Activity Kit provides information and teaching ideas for Key Stage 2 pupils (ages 7 to 11), and encourages them to think empathetically and more deeply about the topic of migration.