Surprising facts about Africa – challenging stereotypes

Surprising facts about Africa

Science and technology in Africa is an area which children in the UK tend to know very little about and so these facts and lesson plan help to address this. Even when we are familiar with African music, arts, or sport, we tend to hear very little about the use of certain innovations. These may […]

African Gardens DVD

This DVD is the perfect way to start on an engaging school gardening project. It is full of great film clips – animations and instructional videos where learning is brought to life as African young people teach you and your pupils all sorts of useful

Nkokonjeru school gardens

Nkokonjeru school gardens

This case study of a poor school can be used to inspire your pupils in their school gardening project. It tells the story of a small and poor school in rural Uganda who have been working hard to grow their own crops and produce food at school.

Make a recycled plastic bag football

Make a plastic bag football

These sheets and video give step-by-step instructions to help your pupils make these ‘recycled’ plastic bag footballs – just like thousands of children in African countries.

Learn an African song in the Teso language

Learn an African song

A great, fun song to learn for an assembly, this children’s song from the Teso people of Uganda is sung to warn young people against stealing grain or groundnuts (peanuts) from the granary.

Helping Prisca – basic needs and sustainable help

Helping Prisca

A collection of three lessons that explore comparisons between the UK and Kenya, basic needs (and wants) and different ways to help people in Africa. These lessons are all written for the Geography and Citizenship curriculum – living in a diverse world.

Disease prevention & hygiene gallery from Uganda

Disease prevention hygiene gallery

These photos with captions underneath show how important hygiene is in rural African households. Various simple techniques and tips are used by Jane to keep things, and people, clean so that disease is prevented wherever possible.

African folktales and fables

African folktales and fables

These African folktales and stories from various countries are a joy to read and reveal a great deal about aspects of the culture where they originate from. They can be used in Literacy lessons to highlight writing styles and narrative forms

Ingenious African Appropriate Technology gallery

Ingenious African appropriate technology

Inspire your pupils with these ingenious technologies. Appropriate technology is designed to be sensitive to the environmental, social and economic aspects of the community it is intended for.