Who Will Save Us?

Flip and Flap, Waddle, Splash and Littlest are a group of young penguins discovering their wonderful world, only to find it is changing at the hands of the humans. However, there is hope in store. Their teacher, Old Wise, explains that humans are

A Child’s Eye View of Festivals

These vibrant and colourful DVDs are designed especially for young children to introduce them to a variety of festivals. As well as mini-documentaries following families through traditional celebrations, the resource is packed with songs, stories and activities that young children can carry out at school.

Meet Zogg – book and video

This charming big book, with beautiful illustrations, tells the story of Zogg, an alien from a planet made only from other people’s rubbish. He thought Earth looked beautiful with its sparkling oceans and thick forests – and decided to visit.

Growing Up Global

This comprehensive handbook has a range of activities that can be used in nurseries, toddler groups and by childminders. The first section focuses on themes such as food, family and the environment and the second uses six countries as starting points for activities.

All Kinds of Beliefs

All Kinds of Beliefs is an introduction for young children on the major world religions. It looks at different aspects of the following faiths: Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Sikhism and Hinduism.

All Kinds of Homes

All Kinds of Homes is an interactive book for young children. It explores the types of homes that people live in all around the world, from Cambodian village houses to Bedouin tents in the Middle East.

All Kinds of Transport

All Kinds of Transport is a fun book for children looking at how people travel in countries around the world. It is interactive with flaps to lift or pull and bits that pop up.

We All Went on Safari

Join Arusha, Mosi, Tumpe and their Maasai friends as they go on a journey through the grasslands of Tanzania. They encounter all sorts of animals including elephants, lions and monkeys, while counting from one to ten in both English and Swahili.

So much

Everybody wants to squeeze the baby, everybody wants to kiss the baby, everybody loves the baby… so much! A tender and funny look at an Afro-Caribbean family as they gather for a surprise party.

Bringing the rain to Kapiti plain

This is a traditional folk tale set in Kenya. It tells the story of how Ki-pat, the herd boy, ended a dreadful drought. The story is re-told with a repetitive format, following the rhyme of ‘The House that Jack Built’