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20 February 2017

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  • Would you like support, resources and training to explore complex and controversial issues with your students?
  • Are you interested in creating ‘safe spaces’ for students to discuss topics such as extremism, radicalisation, tolerance and diversity?
  • Would you benefit from sharing practice in this area with other schools in England and across Europe?

Think Global is looking for secondary schools to take part in a new project called Start The Change.
In collaboration with partners from Croatia, Slovenia and Italy, we will be working with teachers and school students to understand young people’s views on extremism and their ideas for developing and promoting a more cohesive society.

From January 2017, we would like to work with 10 schools (initially in London) to carry out focussed research with students, provide teachers with professional development and produce classroom resource focussed on exploring themes of identity and the current challenges that young people face. This is a great opportunity to focus on the views of young people in this challenging debate, and use the findings to support teachers in creating safe spaces for discussing the often difficult and sometimes controversial topics around radicalisation, diversity and tolerance.

If you would be interested in being one of these schools, please fill in the brief application form and send it to with the subject line ‘Start The Change’.

Why is Start The Change important?

Teachers have always known the power of youth as a force for positive action in society. However, young people’s sense of agency in their community is often linked to their understandings of identity and belonging. As educators, it is important that we understand the challenges that young people face and encourage them to explore the complex themes and debates that take place in both their local and global communities.

Start The Change will not only provide a platform for young people to have a voice in this wider debate, but will support teachers to work with young people to create safe spaces in schools for discussion and nurture the active citizenship of students.

What will the project aim to achieve?

Start The Change aims to promote understanding and ownership of democratic values and fundamental rights through the core project elements of research, resource production, teacher training and the promotion of a model of active citizenship for young people.


The project will conduct research into the understanding and concerns of young people in relation to extremism, allowing project partners to collate and synthesise these findings to inform practitioners and policy makers at a European and national level.

Teacher training and resources:

Based on the research findings, the project will create educational resources and professional development programmes for teachers to support them in creating safe spaces for discussion, handling conflicts, dealing with diversity and encouraging their students to actively participate in social and civic life.

Active Citizenship:

Ultimately, the project will develop an active citizenship model that will enable young people to take informed action to develop safe spaces, have agency at a community level and promote peace. It will support the young people participating in the project to develop into critical thinkers with an awareness of global issues, developing their capacity to make informed decisions and take action.

Want to take part?

If you would like to find out more, or are interested in participating as one of the UK schools, please fill in the form below and send it to with the subject line ‘Start The Change’.

Download application form


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