Cover image: World Health Day

World Health Day

Taking place on 7th April every year.

Raising awareness of different threats to our health.

Updated 10 months ago

Through World Health Day, the World Health Organisation (WHO) is seeking to stimulate a global health debate on the global burden of disease and the factors causing this. Each year focuses on a different topic relating to health. The topic for 2020 is 'Support Nurses and Midwives', without them there would be no COVID-19 response. For further information about the annual theme, including handouts, posters, video clips and other campaign materials, visit the WHO World Health Day web pages. The United Nations Association – UK (UNA-UK) has a page with background information and teaching activities for World Health Day. If you would like some ideas to help your school celebrate World Health Day, browse through the resources listed on our database under the topic of 'Health & sanitation'. You may also find this feature article useful: Health, drugs and disease.