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World Cities Day

Taking place on 31st October every year.

Addressing challenges in urbanisation and moving towards sustainable urban development.

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World Cities Day was first marked in 2014. The aim of the Day is to promote the international community’s interest in global urbanisation, encourage cooperation among countries in meeting opportunities and addressing challenges in urbanisation towards sustainable urban development. The general theme of World Cities Day is Better City, Better Life and the theme for 2017 was Innovative Governance, Open Cities.  For further details, visit the World Cities Day web page. For GLP England Schools, there is a great new free World Cities Day teaching resource which supports teachers  to develop their pupils’ understanding of the GLP themes of development and sustainability. The resource features six case studies on cities, both ancient and more recent, in the UK and around the world, accompanied by questions, tasks and links to help pupils engage with the material further. It also includes a helpful infographic to explain the themes and ideas around sustainable cities and communities. Find out more and access the resource.  Our feature article Cities: our urban world  gives background information and teaching ideas. This 2016 booklet from the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs contains lots of useful facts and statistics on the World's cities. To find more teaching resources to help you mark World Cities Day in your school, browse through the ones listed under the topics of Urban and Homes and Homelessness.

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