Cover image: International Day for Street Children

International Day for Street Children

Taking place on 12th April every year.

Giving a voice to street children so their rights cannot be ignored.

Updated 1 year ago

The International Day for Street Children: Louder Together was launched on 12th April 2011, to give a louder voice to the millions of street children all around the world so their rights cannot be ignored. Nearly all countries (except the United States) have signed AND ratified the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and have a legal obligation to work towards ensuring that all children's rights are integrated into national law. It is universally recognised that all children should have these rights realised; however many government policies and practices still do not include street children. Find out more about the Day, and the issues, from the International Day for Street Children website and the Consortium for Street Children (CSC) website.

The CSC website also has useful resources, including an infographic and mythbusters, and their YouTube feed has lots of video clips featuring the voices of street children.

If you would like further ideas to help your school mark this Day, you could browse through the 'child rights' teaching resources.

The following case study could also provide inspiration: Researching child labour issues with a partner school in Paraguay