Challenging extremism locally and in the wider world

Accrington Academy in Lancashire worked with local artists to tackle extremism, through an intensive programme of dialogue with students, reflecting on local and then wider world issues. This led to the creation of a public art installation and a Community Ambassador programme.

Education is about their future, not our past

Whitefriars First and Middle School serves a very diverse community in Harrow, north-west London, and over two thirds of pupils have a home language other than English. The school is part of a learning network which links schools in Masindi, Uganda, and Harrow, England. As well as working on joint curriculum projects, the school has integrated global learning across the curriculum.

Dig for Sustainability – learning from the older generation

The Cambridge Global Collective set up a project to explore how their wartime heritage relates to current concerns about sustainability and climate change. The project, based at the Harambee Centre, worked with a core group of 30 young people to discover how the World War II ‘Dig for Victory’ campaign could influence current-day practice.

Whilst this project was undertaken by a youth group, it could be replicated within schools or after-school clubs.