World Food Day lesson at Winterbourne Academy

Nicola Richardson teaches Mathematics at The Ridings’ Federation Winterbourne International Academy (TRFWIA), an 11-18 co-educational Academy in rural South Gloucestershire. For World Food Day she gave Key Stage 3 students (age 11-14) the chance to see how different families around the world have very different resources available to buy food.

A student’s viewpoint

Sixteen year old Paul Lichtenstern from North London International School explains what has helped him to develop an understanding of global issues.

A Whole School Approach

How do you get teachers from different departments to commit to the global dimension? Benton Park School, with support from Leeds Development Education Centre (DEC), worked across six subject departments to develop new, engaging lessons which would incorporate global dimension concepts.

A link with Mexico

Exploring religious festivals develops cultural understanding and enables young people to reflect on their own experiences.

Making ICT Real

Today’s young people are ‘digital natives’, having grown up alongside computers, mobile phones and the internet. How can we capitalise on this to help them develop as global citizens?

Identifying stereotypes through images

Our perceptions of life in different countries is often coloured by the media and reports of disasters. Students can learn a lot by challenging the stereotypes they hold.

UN Earth Summit Day in Manchester

Running a model ‘United Nations conference’ gives students an insight into democratic structures, the complexity of global issues and and how decisions are arrived at.