An urban and rural school get together

A school link doesn’t have to be with another country – pupils can explore global issues, differences and similarities by linking up with another school in the UK – even one within their own local authority area.

A school link with Delhi

A link with a school in another country can provide the basis for a range of curriculum work.

World food in depth

The topic of food can provide a great starting point for exploring the global dimension.

A museum visit enriching the school curriculum

A museum visit is a great way to explore the global dimension. Many museums have collections from around the world, and have schools programmes offering tours, talks or education workshops.

A trip to Nicaragua via the Botanic Garden

If children get the opportunity to see and smell the plants and food products of another country, and try their hands at cooking the food, it really brings the global dimension to life.

The World’s Working Children

This primary school used an international school partnership to research shared values and experiences around the issue of child labour to create a drama performance.