World food in depth

World foodA PGCE student on placement used the S2 topic, World food, to help her students get a better understanding of Indian culture. ‘I wanted pupils to think a bit wider than just “Indians eat curry” and to develop a better understanding of the many factors involved in why certain foods are associated with geographical areas and others with socio-economic groups.’

A variety of resource packs, posters, games and photo cards was used throughout the series of lessons to highlight not only the food grown, caught and eaten, but also the games played, the clothes worn and other aspects of daily life. Textbooks were used, and colourful pictures and descriptions were produced of the foods and where they originated. These were then mounted and placed in the appropriate location on a wall map of India.

This case study is taken from: The Global Dimension in the Curriculum, Learning and Teaching Scotland et al, 2001.

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