Studying literature from around the world

Each year in an inner-city school in a deprived area the whole school takes part in ERIC (Everyone Reading In Class). For at least ten minutes in every 40-minute lesson during one school day, students and teachers read ‘for pleasure’ (as do other non-teaching staff too if possible). The choice of reading matter is left to the individual, but materials are available from the English and other departments. For English as an Additional Language (EAL) students, reading in home languages is positively encouraged. Such an exercise not only encourages students to read but also offers them opportunities to read and discuss literature from around the world.

This case study is taken from: The Global Dimension in the Curriculum, Learning and Teaching Scotland et al, 2001.

Local support:

If you are inspired by this case study and would like to do something similar in your school, or are looking for ideas for developing the global dimension, why not contact your nearest Development Education Centre?

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