Linking to a school in Ghana

The pupils, staff, parents and friends of this small, rural primary school have embraced the many different aspects of global citizenship in a variety of creative and imaginative ways. This commitment has built up over time and is reflected not only within the taught curriculum and whole school ethos, but in the way the school has involved the local community through performances and displays.

DrumThrough their cross-curricular study of Ghana, all the pupils are actively involved in celebrating Ghanaian culture. The pupils have given performances of djembe drumming, singing, dancing and have dramatized traditional African tales. The pupils have also organised fair trade displays and stalls at various school and community events. Working through Link Community Development the school has developed a link with the Sekoti School in Northern Ghana and, although communication is difficult, the pupils from both schools have been able to exchange information and ideas.

The activities have contributed to the planned curriculum in languages, PSE, Geography, Art and Music. As a result of the activities, pupils have developed a greater sense of the importance of individual responsibility and are aware of how their own actions and choices can affect the lives of others not just in their own families and local communities but right across the world.

This case study was taken from: Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship, ACCAC et al, 2002

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