Learning about refugees

Survival packPupils at a primary school in Barrow in Furness, have been considering sustainable development on a global scale through the use of CDEC’s A Survival Pack for Future Citizens .

Pupils have taken part in a large number of activities focused on the different things they need to survive (food, water and shelter). They built a shelter and considered what it is like to be a refugee. Many of the activities have adopted Philosophy for Children and Critical Skills methodology. Activities have included both classroom based and outdoor sessions.

This case study is taken from: Developing the Global Dimension in the School Curriculum, DfES et al, 2005.

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Teaching resources:

Cumbria DEC: Visit the Cumbria Development Education Centre website

Local support: If you are inspired by this case study and would like to do something similar in your school, or are looking for ideas for developing the global dimension, why not contact your nearest Development Education Centre?

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