Climate conscious schools

School councils give pupils a voice and can be a good way for them to realise how they can make a difference to global issues such as climate change, both as individuals and through joint action.

Climate conscious schools display
Climate conscious schools display

With funding from the Government’s Climate Challenge Fund, Liverpool World Centre are working with school councils across Liverpool to increase awareness and understanding of climate change and to equip young people with the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to become climate conscious citizens.

The project links into the PHSE and citizenship curriculum as young people are encouraged to become decision makers and take responsibility for their actions by implementing ideas to help spread the message to others.

There are also links to geography and science in secondary education (climate change around the world and the UK), and links to geography and science in primary education (impacts on our environment and electricity use).

Main activity

School Councillors at Breckfield Primary School designed eye-catching mobiles to tell everyone about climate change and the actions that they could do to slow down its impact. They also performed their own special assembly challenging everyone to be more “climate conscious” at home and at school.

Broadgreen High School’s School Council created a set of PowerPoint resources about climate change for teachers to use in their geography classes. Not only will this help students learn about climate change but the work will further support the school’s endeavours to become an Eco School.

Creative School Councillors at Lister Junior School designed a large wall frieze for the top of the school stairwell which told everyone about climate change, its impact on the world and the UK and what we do that contributes to climate change. They also performed a play for the whole school which told everyone how climate change affects wildlife and developed their own song and dance routine to tell everyone to save energy.

This project helped students achieve the following…

  • Increased understanding of climate change and its impact on the world, in the UK and in Liverpool.
  • Peer recognition as “Planet Savers” and “Energy Savers” as they told everyone that if they switched off lights and computers after use, walked to school and recycled their waste, we can all help protect our environment and slow down climate change.
  • Increased self-confidence/self esteem and development of a group identity.

This project also raised the following challenges…

  • How to best deliver the sessions in the time allocated – some school councils only met for 30 minutes whereas others were able to spend an hour and a half on the project each week for three weeks.
  • How to deliver the project to all age groups and abilities, because we did not want to exclude anyone – the project is being delivered in a wide range of schools – infant, junior, secondary and schools for young people.

Find out more

Teaching resources: Find teaching resources on the topic of Climate Change

Liverpool World Centre: Visit the Liverpool World Centre website.

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