A school link with Delhi

A junior school in Slough initiated a link in response to a request from a school in Delhi. Over 90% of the children at the Slough school are of South Asian ethnic origin and the partnership was seen as one way to help these children stay in touch with their cultural roots. It was also hoped that the link would enable teachers to develop a closer understanding of the children’s cultural background and a better knowledge of some of their customs and practices.

Through developing relationships on a one to one basis, using both the internet and mail, the participating children and teachers developed global perspectives, and an ongoing dialogue was created. The project also provided an opportunity to do focused ICT work, including use of the internet. More recently, the links have also been useful in other areas of the curriculum, such as studying the weather, and in examining attitudes to moral issues under PSHE.

This case study was taken from Developing the Global Dimension in the School Curriculum , DfES et al, 2005.

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Local support:  If you are inspired by this case study and would like to do something similar in your school, or are looking for ideas for developing the global dimension, why not contact your nearest Development Education Centre?

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