A primary school goes bananas

Primary school pupils learn about food production and healthy eating by using the Oxfam resource pack ‘Go Bananas’.


A fruit stall was set up for pupils at Scargill Primary School to purchase and grow fruit and learn about food production globally. This was the planned outcome of involvement in a pilot project in Derbyshire schools. In 2002, the East Midlands Network for Global Perspectives in Schools carried out the pilot projects in Nottingham, Derbyshire and Lincolnshire as part of the DFID Enabling Effective Support Strategy.

The teaching plan was to enable students to learn about how fruit is produced and distributed at Key Stage 1. Global Education Derby provided advice, support, resources and funding for the school projects. Go Bananas (Key Stage 2) was one of the resources purchased by the school to develop understanding of the global production and consumption of bananas.

“I used the pack with children working in small groups during PSHE (Key Stage 2). I liked the fact that there were curriculum links to Geography, English, Maths and Citizenship as well as use of skills such as questioning, collecting information and communicating. The activities using the photos alone worked really well because it started from what the children wanted to know and motivated them to find out more. The long-term impact of the project in our school has been to increase children’s awareness of the links between their lives and those of people all over the world.”

The fruit stall, (now Healthy Eating stall) has been integrated into work for Eco-Schools and Health Promoting Schools by composting the fruit waste and encouraging healthy eating. The school plans to continue running the healthy eating stall and using a range of classroom resources to support this project.

Teaching resources:

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