A museum visit enriching the school curriculum

After visiting their local museum to see objects from a range of other cultures, children at a Birmingham school were asked to choose one object that represented their cultural identity.

In doing this, the children realised how difficult it is to base judgements of another culture on observing a few artefacts. They started to appreciate how false assumptions are sometimes made about cultures about which we have limited information.

This case study is taken from Developing the Global Dimension in the School Curriculum, DfES et al, 2005.

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Local support:

If you are inspired by this case study and would like to do something similar in your school, or are looking for ideas for developing the global dimension, why not contact your nearest Development Education Centre?

Many of them have collections of ‘artefacts’ from different countries and cultures that you could borrow to use in class. See for example RISC’s Resource Bank or the Resource Collections at DEED.

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