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Refugee Week

Taking place on the week of World Refugee Day (20th June).

A week celebrating the contribution of refugees.

Updated 10 months ago

Refugee Week is an annual event celebrating the contribution of refugees to the UK and encouraging people to take a more positive look at asylum. Performances and awareness-raising events take place across the UK. The event takes place every June, so why not organise a celebration in your school? For more information, visit the Refugee Week Website - they have stories and case studies about the contributions that refugees have made to Britain over the last 60 years. (2011 was the 60th anniversary of the UN Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees, which defines who is a refugee and sets out rights and responsibilities in the context of asylum.)

There is also a wealth of educational resources here:

If you would like some ideas to help your school mark Refugee Week you can read through our article Refugees and Refugees welcome? which provide an introduction to some of the issues. Or take a look at our suggestions for 'Simple Acts' that you and your students can do (at any time) to help bring people together.

Or read through the following case study for ideas: » Positive images project - understanding refugees