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One World Week

Begins on the Sunday of the week of 24th October (UN Day) every year.

A week of awareness and action on issues such as injustice, the environment and poverty.

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Established in 1978, One World Week seeks to raise awareness of global issues and to encourage the community to take action locally to change things which are unjust, that damage the environment and that cause poverty. The week also seeks to celebrate being part of a diverse but interconnected world. United Nations Day (24 October) always falls in One World Week.

Each year there is a different theme, the theme for One World Week 2020 is: 'It’s Our World – Let’s make it better'. The official date for One World Week 2020 18 - 25 October.

The One World Week website gives background information about each year's different theme. In 2018 One World Week celebrates its 40th anniversary. You can find teaching resources at

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