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World's Largest Lesson


• In September 2015 the world will have a plan.

• What's yours?

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This September the United Nations will announce the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)- a set of goals for the world that aim to make our planet fair, healthy and sustainable by 2030. After the goals are announced, The World’s Largest Lesson will take place, with teachers in schools all around the world educating their students about the SDGs. This will help students understand the significance of these new global goals to their futures, and the crucial role they could play in realising them. The World's Largest Lesson will be delivered with support from Think Global, Unicef, TES and Education International. It forms a key part of Project Everyone, a drive led by writer and film director Richard Curtis which aims to ensure everyone knows about the SDGs. Think Global is working to create a bank of teaching and learning resources that cover all the SDG themes and that can help teachers research and deliver The World's Largest Lesson. A competition has been launched inviting teachers from across the world to submit creative and exciting lesson plans about the SDGs. These will be rated by teachers and the winning ideas will be developed and published as a set of resources for teaching The World's Largest Lesson. Competition closing date: 1st May 2015 For further details, and to submit your lesson ideas, visit: