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Why Poverty?

Why Poverty? is an international documentary season that's using film to get people talking about hunger and poverty. Over 60 broadcasters, including the BBC, are involved. The project is run by Steps, a non-profit organisation that combines documentaries, new media, old media and outreach to get people talking about big issues. They've commissioned award-winning film makers to make eight documentaries about poverty, and new and emerging talents to make around 30 short films. The films tackle big issues and pose difficult questions, but they're also moving, subtle and thought-provoking stories. The films will transmit around the world during November 2012, on more than 70 national broadcasters reaching 500 million people. They'll be accompanied by events designed to spark global and national debates and an online conversation to get people asking “Why Poverty?” Here's an example of just one of the many short films available now:   All the content on the Why Poverty? website is freely available for non-commercial use so can be used in school. A great opportunity to get talking about the issues involved in world poverty.