Cover image: Use fashion to engage young people

Use fashion to engage young people

Nikki Mattei from Fashion Revolution introduces their campaign and educational resources.  Fashion Revolution is a global movement calling for greater transparency in the fashion industry. We want to see a radical change in the way that clothing is produced, sourced and consumed so that fashion is much cleaner, safer and fairer for everybody and the environment too.

Children and young people are the key to change

At Fashion Revolution, we strongly believe that young people are the key to changing the state of the fashion industry. They are the consumers and employees of the future and if they start to ask questions and demand change, then clothing brands will have to listen. Fashion Revolution has been embraced in schools and universities all over the world during its four year existence. We have simply provided some useful educational resources to facilitate this activity. You can see some of the amazing things which have happened on our Pinterest Education Board. Fashion Revolution Pinterest Board

Free Educational Resources for Teachers

We have a wide range of resources for different age groups available for teachers to download by signing up at The topics explored are highly relevant to so many subjects, from Citizenship to Geography to Art & Design. Fashion Revolution free educational resourcesHere are some examples of what’s on offer:
  • Design a Fashion Revolution Day poster
  • Research my clothes and write to the brand
  • Fashion Ethics trump card game
  • What My Jeans Say about the Garment Industry
  • Fashion Revolution Quiz
These resources are all free to download but we would be really grateful for any donations to help us continue our work – you can donate here.

Fashion Revolution zineFashion Revolution Zine

We launched our first Zine this year which is full of interesting articles, illustrations and fun games and quizzes. You can view the Zine online. Printed copies can also be purchased for £10.50.

Fashion Revolution Week 24-30 April

The culmination of our campaign is always around 24 April every year, the anniversary of the Rana Plaza garment factory collapse which was the catalyst for the founding of Fashion Revolution. If you can take part at school with your students during Fashion Revolution Week from 24 to 30 April, that would be great but our movement is active every day of the year and you can use our resources at any time.

Take part in Fashion Revolution as a Citizen

Fashion Revolution: Who Made My Clothes?You can also take part in Fashion Revolution Week as an individual. We have lots of ways for citizens to get involved by asking brands #whomademyclothes. Find out more at   The following resources in the Global Dimension database are also useful for exploring fashion's global links: