Cover image: The first ever International Day of the Girl

The first ever International Day of the Girl

Following an extensive campaign by the global children's charity Plan, in December 2011 the United Nations formally declared October 11th the International Day of the Girl. With the support of young people around the world, Plan led the call for a dedicated International Day in recognition of girls' rights and accomplishments. So 11 October 2012 is the first ever official International Day of the Girl. This is an amazing moment to show the world why educating girls should be a priority. Plan invites all schools to help celebrate this day. There are lots of fun, exciting and informative ways that your school can learn about his issue, including a new resource pack to use.

Why International Day of the Girl?

Worldwide, girls carry the burden of poverty more than anyone, and 75 million girls are currently denied an education. By recognising girls’ rights and valuing the contributions of young women everywhere, this new international day will help to raise awareness of the issues and ensure that more girls receive the education and support they need to fulfil their potential. Plan's Schools Resource for International Day of the Girl - download from Plan websiteGlobally, one in three girls is denied an education by the daily realities of poverty, conflict and discrimination. Every day, young girls are taken out of school, forced into marriage, subjected to violence and put to work against their will. The positive impact of educating a girl can be seen below. A girl who has completed her education is...
  • less likely to experience violence or marry and have children whilst she is still a child herself
  • more likely to be literate, healthy and survive into adulthood, as are her children
  • more likely to reinvest her income back into her family, community and country
  • more likely to understand her rights and be a force for change.

Celebration at the Southbank

On 11th October 2012 in celebration of the world’s first ever International Day of the Girl, Plan and the Southbank Centre in London have teamed up to host the ‘WOW Girls’ festival, featuring an all girl take-over of the London Eye. Over 200 pupils from across the UK will be taking part, as well as girls from Malawi, Sierra Leone and Pakistan where Plan works. This event will help to promote the International Day of the Girl and draw attention to some of the issues faced by millions of the world’s poorest girls. If you, your school, or your students would like to learn more about the issue of educating girls, see: The picture at the top of the page is © Plan.