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Send My Friend 2016

Education in Emergencies

This year, Send My Friend is calling on teachers and pupils in the UK to speak out for the tens of millions of children who are missing out on school due to conflicts, natural disaster and other emergencies. Worldwide, the numbers affected by conflict, natural disasters and health crises continue to increase, leaving millions of children out of the classroom and causing whole generations to lose out on a chance to gain a much-needed education. In 2015 alone, humanitarian emergencies and protracted crises meant that 80 million children (aged 3-18 years old) had their education disrupted, with 37 million children out of school completely.

Send My Friend to School 2016

The 2016 campaign is asking pupils to create paper rucksacks symbolising the journeys that tens of millions of children are making, leaving their homes and schools behind when crisis strikes. As humanitarian emergences become more frequent, real life case studies bring to life the experiences of children like Mohamed (pictured below). He has been out of education since 2011 when his family were forced to flee their home in Syria. MohamedWith the launch of a new, free teaching pack available for all schools who sign up, the campaign will provide the means for children in the UK to speak up for the tens of millions of children missing school due to conflict or disaster. Using films and lesson activities students will learn about the right to education and develop political literacy skills that will support them in speaking up for their peers, and taking their messages to politicians who can help build support nationally and internationally, to send all our friends to school. We all know that education is vital for all children, but it is that much more critical during a crisis where it gives much needed stability, safety and hope for the future. However, with less than two per cent of aid in emergencies going on education, we need your help this summer to persuade world leaders to find an extra £3 billion per year so that every child affected by emergencies can have an education.

Take Action

World leaders have made a new commitment to deliver quality education for every child up until the age of 15, but currently more funding is needed to support children in crisis situations. Post your messages on the paper rucksack to your MP or ask your MP to come ‘back to school’ to hear from students and collect the messages in person. We hope that lots of these visits will happen on our ‘Day of Action’, Friday 1st July. If you want to set up an MP visit there’s lots of useful tips and information in our online ‘Meet your MP toolkit’.

Stay in touch

You can find out more about schools resources and order an action pack for your school by visiting: To stay up to date with the campaign, and see what schools around the UK are getting up to, you can like our Send My Friend Facebook page or follow us on twitter: @sendmyfriend