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Remembering 9/11

Teachers will remember the horrific attacks that occurred ten years ago on 11th September 2001, but many students will be too young to have any memory of them - many will not even have been born when the attacks took place. These were events that changed the world and had huge consequences on both countries and individuals. So it is important that students have the chance to learn about what happened and explore the global and personal impacts of these attacks. Most resources are aimed at secondary level, although Teachable Moment (see list below) does have advice for those teaching younger age groups. In their opinion 4-7-year-old children "lack the knowledge to make sense of the attacks and their aftermath in any meaningful way". But it's still important for teachers to be prepared to deal with any questions young children may have - for example if they've seen something about the anniversary on the news.

Assemblies, teaching ideas and resources

9/11 Education Programme An extensive website developed for the 9 11 London Project by the Institute of Education and EdComms. Includes useful guidance on teaching about sensitive and controversial issues. 9/11 Education Programme >> Teachable Moment Based in New York, the Morningside Center for Teaching Social Responsibility have put together a page of ideas and resources for teaching about the anniversary, including suggestions for younger children: 9/11 Anniversary Teaching Guide >> They also have a useful reflective piece: How do we handle our kids' hardest questions? >> Insted - equality & diversity in education Teaching and Talking in Schools about 9/11 - A selection of useful websites (PDF) >>   Photo by Jason Wilson on