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Oxfam World Shapers

Katherine Hughes from Oxfam Education introduces World Shapers, a whole-school approach to global citizenship which enables pupils to develop the understanding and skills they need to engage with what is going on in the world.

What is World Shapers?

World Shapers is a programme for schools that are committed to putting engagement with the wider world at the heart of their school’s ethos and curriculum. This whole-school approach to global citizenship has been developed with schools, who have praised the impact of the programme. World Shapers empowers young people to become aware of what is going on in their world and to help them understand the power of their voice. Schools set their vision and goals and Oxfam provide a bespoke programme and ongoing support to help you reach them. Oxfam provides a wealth of expertise, resources and information which draw on our 50 year history of working with schools in the UK and our knowledge of real-world issues though our work with communities all over the globe.

What are the benefits for schools and pupils?

Claire Robins, Headteacher at Sir John Lawes reports: “World Shapers has had a massive impact on the students because it has given them an opportunity to engage with what’s happening outside the classroom and think differently about the way they’re learning. We find that the confidence they develop through these projects spills over into all aspects of school life. And the opportunities for staff and students have so many spin-offs in ways we could never have seen at the start.” Helen Cox, a Geography teacher at Sir John Lawes School stated that “World Shapers is a great opportunity for schools... You can expect expertise of bringing global learning into the curriculum.” At Deptford Green School Oxfam have been working with pupils to develop skills so young people can lead their own campaigns. Jacqueline Bygrave, Assistant Head Teacher, talks about how these skills increased the confidence of pupils at Deptford Green. "They are now able to function in an adult environment and that is quite daunting for a young person, so they have developed their confidence...It has allowed them to articulate their needs and their wants in a way that adults will listen to them and hear what they have to say." Richard Smith from St John's International Academy summarises, "You are helping to encourage students to know a bit more about their planet, to take them from being passive occupants of the planet through to someone who feels they are confident enough to take action and maybe have an impact ...It's that simple". This short clip explains the benefits further: [embed][/embed]  

Where can I find out more?

For further details, including information on cost, visit the website or contact Oxfam Education.