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Bring the world to your classroom

Developing a Global Learning School

Join Think Global's online course starting Thursday 11 January and gain in confidence in delivering and advocating for global learning in your school.
"By using global learning to enrich the curriculum, GLP schools are finding that global learning is helping to develop critical thinking skills, promote SMSC, and foster values such as respect and empathy."
Findings from OFSTED reports on the Global Learning Programme The course runs from 4.15 to 5.15 every Thursday and is designed to give teachers the space and time to reflect upon teaching international development and global issues in the classroom. In particular, it will support teachers to explore and critique relevant resources and ideas together, and give them greater confidence to advocate global learning back in their own school community. It will also support teachers to gain confidence in online learning. Through participating in this course teachers will be able to more confidently discuss global learning, in the context of their own school agenda. They will be inspired to discuss and debate definitions of poverty and development, and consider how this relates to their own classroom practice. By the end of the course, teachers will be more confident to choose, use and advocate good quality global learning resources in their school, in order to support curriculum development.

What does it cost?

The course costs £500 and teachers from schools registered on the Global Learning Programme for England can use e-credits to fully cover the cost.

When and where is it running?

The course runs from 4.15 to 5.15 every Thursday over 5 consecutive weeks, with an additional session on Tuesday 16 January. It is delivered online, so that teachers can easily sign in at the end of the school day.  

How to book:

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