Cover image: Meet the 2018 finalists of our Global Educator of the Year Awards

Meet the 2018 finalists of our Global Educator of the Year Awards

We are delighted to announce the three finalists for our Global Educator of the Year Award 2018. We had some fantastic entries and we will be celebrating the Global Educator of the Year finalists work and announcing the winner at a special event on Friday 13 July at City Hall. The Global Educator of the Year award recognises educators who have gone above and beyond in raising people’s awareness of one or more of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), deepening understanding of these issues and encouraging people to take action. Meet the three finalists here: Sam Olubodun Samantha Olubodun from Meadow County Primary SchoolCheshire. Samantha is a primary school teacher and a Specialist Leader in education. She works within her school and County to help pupils and teachers better understand the SDGs and think critically about global issues. She has worked with organisations, schools and groups from across the global learning sector; inspiring her students and colleagues, creating resources, and delivering training. Heather Swainston, Director at Cheshire Development Education Centre (CDEC) says: “Sam has done so much to help pupils understand the SDGs and for her colleagues in school and across the County to be inspired to undertake similar work.” Jo Fraser Jo Fraser from Beaconhurst School, Stirling. Jo is a science teacher who also runs the school’s eco-club. The eco-club focuses on one SDG each year and connects with the local community. Jo has also linked their school with an international schools’ programme, raised awareness around local and global water and plastic issues and raised money for Oxfam. She has inspired her students to tackle the SDGs and supported them with their projects. Amber Robinson at Water Explorer UK, says: “Jo puts an incredible amount of time and effort into inspiring her students to tackle the SDGs. Through these efforts she’s helping to shape a generation of young people who are passionate about creating change, and confident enough to go out and do it.”   Thandiwe Banda Thandiwe Banda from Overton Grange School, Surrey. Thandiwe has raised awareness about global infectious diseases and the importance of clean water with the students in her school and local primary schools. Through the project the students have researched global health issues and tried to find ways to reduce the spread of infectious disease. Thandiwe has made use of local and national events and competitions to showcase the work of her students and inspire the schools in the local area to connect the curriculum with global learning. Muma Sinkala says: “Miss Banda has used various means available to bring awareness of both local and global issues such as the importance of access to clean water using Practical Action’s ‘Ditch the dirt’ resources. She runs lessons in school to highlight the importance of clean water and the stages of water purification.” Learn more about Think Global's Global Educator of the Year Award here.