Cover image: Let’s get creative about climate change!

Let’s get creative about climate change!

Caroline Grogan, Campaigns Support for The Climate Coalition, discusses their Show the Love campaign and runs through some ways that schools can get involved this February. Whether you love Valentine's Day or hate it (don't worry, we've all been there), this year we're celebrating the holiday a little differently. Forget roses, chocolates, and unrequited love—and start thinking bright green hearts, celebrating people around the world who are creating safer, more secure futures for their communities, and protecting everything we hold dear from the effects of climate change. The reason we're showing the love this February is simple: climate change affects all the things we love - from our favourite sports, to the foods we love, to the places and people that make our lives great. Schools Show The Love Students are the voice of the next generation, and our School’s Guide is the perfect way to encourage your KS1 and KS2 pupils to connect personally with climate change and share the message with their family and community. Three big ways to  Show the Love this February Craft a heart: Have your pupils craft a heart to show off what they love and want to protect from climate change—from sports, to their family, or even their favourite food! Notice the changes around you: There are signs of climate change all around us, particularly as the seasons change. Download our fun and simple checklist to encourage your pupils to look out for signs of spring that are appearing earlier than they have in previous years due to climate change. Your school can even upload their findings to The Woodland Trust’s Nature’s Calendar, an 18 year data set that helps scientists monitor the natural world around us! Go on a treasure heart hunt:  Take your pupils on a treasure heart hunt to help them discover hidden facts and learn how to navigate the world around them. Why not get started with the beautiful hearts you and your pupils made? By getting involved, you’ll join hundreds of thousands of people across the UK, including community groups and Premiership football clubs, in showing the love for the people, places and life we want to protect from climate change. Don’t be shy—show us what your school is planning by sending us an email or tweeting us a message using the hashtag #ShowTheLove. And don’t forget to order free green heart stickers for your whole class! Have a question or want some support? Just get in touch at or 020 7870 2213.   Blog by Caroline Grogan, Campaigns Support, The Climate Coalition. The Climate Coalition is the UK’s biggest group of people working to Show The Love for all the things we want to protect from climate change. Find out more about the campaign and download your free School’s Guide.