Cover image: Learning through 'Live Below the Line'

Learning through 'Live Below the Line'

Live Below the Line challenges people to eat and drink for £1 a day for five days. £1 a day is the extreme poverty threshold beneath which 1.2 billion people worldwide have to survive. The campaign is all about learning and perhaps that is why it is growing in popularity. Many thousands of people around the UK take part in order to experience some of the hardships of those living in poverty, understand better some of the difficult choices very poor people must make and also because of the interesting discussions that take place with people they meet during the week – all in all great learning. Students can also use the week to develop their understanding of poverty even if they aren’t taking part in the campaign (which is mainly designed for adults) - there are now some teaching resources specifically designed to help. The Live Below the Line Campaign week this year runs from 29 April to 3 May.

Think Global's Live Below the Line Secondary Geography resourceFree resources for schools (Primary Maths and Secondary Geography)

Think Global has supported Live Below the Line and the learning opportunities that it offers schools to explore links between food, waste and poverty. A number of Secondary Schools are taking part in Live Below the Line challenge and also making use of Think Global’s Geography resource. Think Global's Live Below the Line Primary Maths resourceThis year Primary School teachers across the country are also getting involved. A Think Global Maths primary resource is now ready too. The resource looks to inspire and educate by focusing on how food is wasted with the overall aim being to explore how food is thought of whilst learning more about extreme poverty and hunger. The Live Below the Line Campaign week runs from 29 April to 3 May but anyone wanting to participate can do so until the end of June. These resources would be ideal to use to alongside this campaign or any other similar awareness-raising days. This year the largest number of charities and participants are involved since the campaign launched. Celebrities such as Ben Affleck, Tom Hiddleston and Bonnie Wright have also signed up to take part.