Cover image: ‘If I were a world leader…’ What will your pupils say?

‘If I were a world leader…’ What will your pupils say?

Karen Garvin from the Send My Friend to School campaign outlines the campaign's focus and the teaching resources available this year. 2015 is the year that could change 58 million children’s futures. World leaders will gather this September in New York to decide the future of the world’s children. The Send My Friend to School campaign is asking young people in the UK to imagine that they were a world leader and tell politicians what crucial decisions they would make to get every child worldwide into school now. The 2015 pack has an introductory DVD, colour posters and a teachers guide and is available free to all schools that sign up. Seaham School in Durham have already been busy been working on the 2015 Send My Friend to School campaign. They have learnt about the Real Life Stories of the pupils missing out on school and presented this information to the whole class who then voted on which children they would send to school. They have made their 3D world leaders with 'If I were a world leader' messages and are waiting for the elections to contact their local MP and ask him to visit school. Sefiyat © John Huges, CGEAlthough universal primary education was promised for 2015, it is girls like Sefiyat featured in the film and on one of the posters, and children with disabilities and in conflict areas that are still missing out. At the current rate of progress it will be 2086 before every child worldwide gets an education and a chance for a bright future. The campaign film aims to inspire pupils from 5 to 15 years old to take part in the campaign and to think what needs to be done to get the remaining 58 million children into school now. There are brand new resources to support this learning, including lesson plans, activities, assembly power points and other resources online. Pupils from KS 1 to 4 can learn how to write Inspiring Speeches or hold a Mini UN Summit. There are factsheets on how countries are doing on delivering education for all Around the World, and to explore the challenges children face in getting an Education in Conflict areas. And toolkits available on how to Meet your MP and spread the word with a Press Pack. And much, much more! Boy with his world leader ‘If I were a world leader…’ what will pupils in your school say? Find out now by getting your school involved! FREE pack from