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Kathleen O'Brien, CAFOD's Secondary Resources Coordinator, introduces new resources about CAFOD's emergency response. Every year humanitarian emergencies affect millions of people around the world. Young people are among the most generous who respond to those appeals – often coming up with creative and challenging ways to fundraise. It is inevitable that they will have questions about how the money they donate to emergency appeals is being spent. With the devastation caused by Typhoon Haiyan still fresh in their minds, four students from St Bonaventure’s school in Forest Gate, London visited CAFOD in January to find out the answers to some of those questions. Their visit was filmed and the film is now available on our website, narrated by TV and radio presenter and CAFOD ambassador, Dermot O’Leary. Jason, Cameron, Jordan and John discovered that a good emergency response is far more complex than simply sending funds to the affected people. They heard about how CAFOD assesses the scale of the emergency, how a response plan is agreed and an emergency team assembled. The boys learnt that teams across CAFOD work to share information with supporters and launch fundraising appeals. They also learnt about CAFOD’s golden rule of listening to people and partners on the ground to find out what they need most - working in partnership to respect the dignity of local people and recognising their ability and right to be the agents of their own development. The film, Emergency!, is only one component in a pack of resources including an exciting new game, Flood!, that allows young people aged 13+ (or higher ability 11-12 year olds) to explore some of the difficult decisions that have to be made in an emergency situation. Students at Cardinal Allen School play Flood!Teachers and youth leaders will have to spend time familiarising themselves with Flood! before introducing it, but there is far less cutting out and preparation needed than in most simulation games, and the game itself can be played in under 45 minutes – always an advantage in a busy timetable! The game was extensively tested during development, with ten schools taking part in trials. One of the teachers involved in the trials, Mr Dominic Bailey from St Augustine’s, Trowbridge said: “A lot is going on during the game which makes for a lively atmosphere with students desperately trying to protect the communities which is fun! I found that understanding how best to make it work came from having played the game a couple of times... The unexpected scenarios were interesting and added an element of unpredictability to the whole experience. Overall it gave the sense of a manic, fast moving and volatile situation which is exactly what such a relief effort would no doubt be like... Overall a great game that I will certainly use again.” As well as the game and film, the resource pack contains a colourful and informative flowchart depicting the different stages in CAFOD’s emergency response, along with a selection of ideas on how to use this creatively with a class or youth group. Geography, PSHE and RE teachers will immediately be able to see how these resources could complement their syllabi but the notes attached to the flowchart spell out some of the curriculum links and give an outline session plan. We hope you enjoy using these free resources, and please do let us know how it goes! ( More Global Dimension links you may find useful: