Cover image: Earthquake in Nepal

Earthquake in Nepal

A devastating earthquake hit Nepal on 25 April 2015, centred on Gorkha in central Nepal, 140 km from the capital, Kathmandu. A further quake hit on 12 May 2015 (see BBC report). Here are a few links providing background information, and others with teaching ideas - we will add more as we find them. Some of these may contain distressing news and images, so do check through first before using them in class. Perhaps you could spend some time discussing the earthquake in tutor time or at the beginning or end of the day? Or use it as a case study for learning about natural disasters/earthquakes in your curriculum. BBC - Nepal on 'war footing' as quarter of population are hit by quake - includes film clips and a map. There are also photos from before and after the earthquake, showing the damage. BBC Magazine - The moment Nepal's earthquake hit my home - by journalist Bhrikuti Rai. Boston Globe - Earthquake devastates Nepal - photos on their 'Big Picture' gallery (some showing death and injury). British Red Cross - there is a special edition of their Newsthink e-newsletter for teachers (PDF) and a very useful Nepal earthquake teaching resource which explore: Community action, Family tracing, News coverage, Helping from afar and Being prepared. British Red Cross - Nepal's first earthquake defying blood bank opened five days before the earthquake - read about this innovative building made from steel shipping containers. British Red Cross - A fragile city: Preparing for earthquakes in Kathmandu - blog post from February 2014. British Red Cross - After an earthquake - from 2013, this lesson explores what help is needed after a major disaster. CAFOD - Nepal Earthquake - short film and prayer for use in assembly Department for International Development - Gurkha engineers preparing for deployment to Nepal - read about how the UK government is responding to the disaster. Guardian - Drone footage shows scale of earthquake devastation in Nepal - video clip with aerial views. Geographical Association - Nepal earthquake 2015 - useful links for Geography teachers. Humanity & Inclusion have created a PowerPoint on the Nepal earthquake and their response. They also have a set of photos on Flickr. Independent - Nepal earthquake: the longest 40 seconds in my life - short article by Mark South, a British Red Cross worker in Kathmandu. New York Times - 6 Q's About the News | A Powerful Earthquake and its Aftermath Devastate Nepal - six short questions to research and discuss; includes photos. Oxfam - The Nepal Earthquake - teaching resources for Key Stage 3 (ages 11-14) and above including assembly, slideshow and accompanying script Practical Action - Nepal earthquake web page has a useful info-graphic showing 'Nepal earthquake in numbers'. Tearfund - It's horrible in Kathmandu - a personal account by Steve Collins, Tearfund's Country Director for Nepal. UNICEF - Nepal earthquake: a sleepless night in the aftermath - short blog post written by Rupa Joshi, a communication officer with UNICEF in Nepal.

How to respond:

If you are going to fundraise as a class or as a school, don't forget our guidelines for fundraising (PDF). Get your pupils to decide amongst themselves on the different ways they'd like to raise the money, and where best to donate the results of their efforts. Disasters Emergency Committee - Nepal Earthquake Appeal - DEC represents 13 UK charities (see this British Red Cross teacher briefing on DEC) UNICEF - Nepal Earthquake Appeal - supporting children Guardian - Don't rush to Nepal to help. Read this first - Claire Bennett discourages unskilled volunteers from flying out, and suggests other ways to help. British Red Cross - Help not hinder Haiti - from 2010, but still very relevant, this blog post explains why donating cash (not food, or clothes) is by far the best way to help in an emergency. The photo at the top of the page shows some of the damage in Kathmandu valley. It is by Laxmi Prasad Ngakhusi for UNDP Nepal and is used under a Creative Commons Licence.