Cover image: AI & Sustainability Education Webinar with Ed3 DAO - Top Takeaways

AI & Sustainability Education Webinar with Ed3 DAO - Top Takeaways

Discover the insights from our recent webinar on AI and Sustainability Education, featuring Vriti Saraf of Ed3 DAO. Co-hosted by Reboot the Future and Ed3 DAO, the webinar addressed the pressing need for educators to incorporate sustainability into their lessons amid time constraints and exam-focused curricula. Exploring how AI can empower educators, the session covered topics ranging from generative AI and bias recognition to practical approaches for integrating sustainability education. 

Last week, we were delighted to be joined by Vriti Saraf of Ed3 DAO for our first webinar exploring AI and sustainability education.

The webinar, co-hosted by Reboot the Future and Ed3 DAO, was inspired by the insights of the Rebooting Education report which found that many teachers want to incorporate sustainability into their lessons more but they lack the time and training, and a heavily exam-focused curriculum means it is not a priority. We wanted to explore how AI can empower our community of educators to integrate the sustainability issues they care about into the classroom.

What did we cover?

Around 50% of sign-ups to the webinar hadn’t used AI much or at all. Our pre-event survey found that educators were really struggling to find time to prepare and design sustainability learning, they wanted easier access to more inspiring, quality resources that connect to local issues, and creating engaging, interdisciplinary lessons plans was also a challenge.

Vriti led a lively, interactive discussion which covered:

  • A quick introduction to generative AI and how it operates through ‘pattern matching’, with a quiz to test us!

  • The importance of recognising and navigating bias in AI outputs.

  • Top tips to approaching sustainability education, from tangible first steps to full integration.

  • An introduction to the ‘AI toolbox’ with AI tools that can be used at different times and in combination to get the best outputs.

  • An introduction to ‘step-prompting’ - an approach to guide AI towards your learning outcomes that align with statutory requirements.

The session concluded with a practical task using Chat GPT by OpenAI and along with Reboot the Future’s Classroom Calendar to try out integrating sustainability issues into learning materials, with some great results.

View the full webinar below:

What did we learn?

100% attendees came away with a new understanding of AI, and said that they would be using AI after the session to support learning activities such as lesson planning, research and finding resources.

"I used to think that using AI was lazy on my part as an educator, now I think that using AI is a tool and it does not make me lazy, it allows me to be more creative, innovative and dedicate energy in other ways to support students. It was an excellent webinar, very informative, totally engaging... Thank you so much, I'm already looking forward to the next one!"


An important question arose around the role of AI in sustainability education given its huge environmental impact. At this stage, Reboot are providing a space to explore AI’s potential and to discuss these issues in a respectful way, whilst following the latest updates in the space through partners like Ed3 DAO.

What next?

In response to the positive feedback, we are keen to run more of these webinars in conjunction with the launch of our 2024-25 Classroom Calendar and future campaigns. 

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