Global Learning Programme

e-credit FAQs

How many e-credits will my school receive?

Once you have registered on the programme and completed your Whole School Audit, your school will have access to up to £500 worth of e-credits.

Are all schools eligible to receive e-credits?

With the exceptions of GLP Expert Centres, independent schools, infant schools and sixth form colleges, all schools in England are eligible to use e-credits.

Where can I check my school’s e-credit balance?

You can check this on your school’s account page in the My credits page under the My GLP section on the website once you have registered and completed your Whole School Audit.

Will e-credits be deducted from my school’s account as soon as I book training?

No, they will only be deducted after the event has taken place and once the training provider has sent an invoice to Pearson. You need to be aware of this delay so as not to overspend your e-credits.

What happens if the school spends more than its e-credit allocation?

Your school will be invoiced for any amount you spend over your allocation.

Will my school be able to access e-credits if we sign up a few years into the programme?

Yes, the funding for e-credits will be released in four ‘waves’ roughly corresponding to the next four academic years (starting from September 2013). This is to ensure schools that sign up throughout the programme have access to e-credits.

Can my school send another teacher on the training course instead of me?

Yes, this is fine. You will need to ensure they have a school email address for the CPD provider and you will need to remind them to leave feedback on the website after they have attended the training.

Once I have booked onto a course can I cancel my place?

Yes, you can cancel your place up to 10 days before an event without being charged. If there are extreme circumstances and you find out you cannot attend after this time, you should try to transfer your place to a colleague.

Once I have booked onto a course can I transfer my place to another person?

Yes but you must inform the provider of any changes at the earliest opportunity.

What happens if my school does not have enough e-credits to cover the cost of a course?

You can still attend the event but you will need to arrange with the provider for them to invoice your school separately for the difference.

What kind of courses can my school spend e-credits on?

You can search the CPD calendar for approved courses. All courses must relate to the aims of the GLP and should progress your knowledge of and skills in delivering global learning.

A variety of CPD will be on offer, ranging from external courses to providers coming into your school to work directly with teachers, to online training. Your Expert Centre can help you to decide which CPD will best meet the needs of your school.

Who is offering courses as part of the GLP?

Anyone who meets our criteria and passes the approval process can offer CPD as part of the GLP. This includes the GLP partners.

Why do I need to leave feedback on training?

Feedback will give schools more information to help them choose the training that best suits their needs. We also hope that over time the feedback will help raise the standard of CPD provision in this area.

What feedback do I need to leave?

Feedback is in the form of star ratings and optional comments. Participants will be asked to rate the course out of four (where 1 = poor, 4 = excellent) for the following categories:

  1. The training clearly linked to the aims of the GLP.
  2. The training met the stated objectives.
  3. The quality of training methods used was high.
  4. I expect the training to have a significant impact on my classroom practice.
  5. The training was good value for e-credits. 
  6. There were effective processes for course booking and communications.
  7. I would recommend this course/provider to a colleague.

In addition, participants will have an opportunity to write any further comments. 

It will take you no longer than five minutes to complete. Please note that any inappropriate comments will not be published on the website.

Are there any expectations for me to feed back my learning to my school?

Yes, this is the best way to ensure the information and skills reach as many people as possible and to make sure you start using what you learned. The training you attended may specify ways for you to feed back, but if not you should consult with your Expert Centre on how to do this.